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Machine Learning. Artificial Intelligence. Perl.

Perl TensorFlow

Perl TensorFlow is an interface between the Perl programming language and the Google TensorFlow machine learning library. Perl programmers can now natively access TensorFlow features and functionality directly from their Perl source code.

TensorFlow is the premier software system for both machine learning and artificial intelligence applications. Software developers create and train neural network models, which can then be shared with the broader community and loaded using the Perl TensorFlow application programming interface.

The Perl TensorFlow API provides the following general features:

  • World's most powerful machine learning library
  • Utilize pre-trained neural network models
  • Applies to all industries & markets

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Optimize. Auto-Parallelize. Protect Your IP.

RPerl Mascots

RPerl is the compiler for the Perl computer programming language.

RPerl works by translating your Perl source code into C++ source code, and then compiling the C++ into a binary executable or library file.

The RPerl compiler offers numerous benefits over the traditional Perl interpreter software, including:

  • World's Fastest Optimized Code, Serial Execution Runtime (tied with C, C++, Fortran)
  • World's Fastest Optimized Code, Automatic Parallel Execution Runtime
  • Industrial-Strength Protection of Your Intellectual Property

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Apps For You. Apps For Me. Apps For Us All.

RPerl Apps

A programming language is only as good as the software it is used to write, and RPerl sets the new standard for high-performance, high-quality application software.

RPerl applications provides the following features, which are unavailable in most traditional software applications:

  • Run Anywhere Perl Runs (Virtually Everywhere)
  • Ultra-High-Speed Execution Runtime
  • Compatible With Existing Perl Apps

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100% Code. 100% Cloud. 100% Free.

The Cloud is a new Internet frontier, where a software application can be executed on a remote computer and the results delivered as if it is a normal application executing locally. is a new platform with many unique advantages, including:

  • Free Of Charge For Personal Use
  • Pre-Loaded With Linux OS & RPerl Compiler & RPerl Apps
  • High-Performance Auto-Parallel Cluster Computing

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Sense. Compute. Record.

Science Tricorder

A Tricorder is a new kind of handheld device, which is used to scan the various energy fields in our everyday world.

The Science Tricorder features several ground-breaking capabilities, such as:

  • 10 Independent Energy Sensors
  • Wireless Data Cloud Connectivity
  • Arduino Compatible

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Real OS. Real Compiler. Real Genius.

Genius Phone

Sometimes smartphones aren't that smart, after all. It's time for a Genius phone.

The Genius phone improves on smartphones in nearly every way:

  • Pre-Loaded With Linux OS & RPerl Compiler & RPerl Apps
  • High-Performance Auto-Parallel Multi-Core Computing
  • Compatible With Both Android & iPhone Apps