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Multi-Core. Clusters. Supercomputers.

Parallel Computing

Auto-Parallel Technologies offers consulting, system administration, and software development services for parallel computing platforms.
Do you want to purchase parallel hardware, or do you already have parallel hardware but you're not sure how to make it do exactly what you want?
We can help!

APTech will provide you with guidance on the best parallel hardware for you, or how best to make use of your existing parallel platform. We can upgrade your existing serial applications, and we can create new parallel applications from scratch.
We support all parallel computing platforms with the Linux operating system, including multi-core processors, supercomputers, clusters, and the Cloud.

All parallel computing services are billed as hourly-rate contracts.
The cost for multi-core systems is $140 per programmer hour.
The cost for clusters and the Cloud is $160 per programmer hour.
The cost for supercomputers or other parallel platforms is $180 per programmer hour.

Hire our parallel platform technicians and receive the following benefits:

  • Automatic Parallelization Via RPerl
  • Ultra-High-Speed Serial Performance Via RPerl
  • Multiple Parallel Platform Choices

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