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Custom RPerl Apps

Auto-Parallel Technologies offers software development services for custom RPerl applications.
Do you have a great idea for a new software application, but you don't have the time or expertise to create the software yourself?
We can help!

APTech will provide you with full-service software development for all your needs: from a small RPerl utility to a massive corporate RPerl project, our expert team of programmers will get the job done.

For fixed-bid contracts, we utilize the Waterfall method of software development.
The Waterfall method is a sequential form of writing software, where clear project requirements are specified during the first phase of development, thereby allowing APTech to generate a final price quote which will not change as long as the project requirements also remain unchanged.
This option is best suited for projects where the requirements are known in advance, and there is a fixed budget.

For hourly-rate contracts, we utilize the Agile method of software development.
The Agile method is an iterative form of writing software, where project requirements are regularly re-prioritized based on the outcome of week-long work cycles known as "sprints". Because the outcome of an Agile software development project is not clearly planned in advance, this approach requires APTech to charge an ongoing hourly fee.
This option is best suited for projects where flexibility and time-to-market are the primary concerns, or where the project requirements are not fully known in advance.
The cost for hourly-rate contracts is $140 per programmer hour.

Both Waterfall and Agile projects are guided by Test-Driven Development principles, where the functionality of each RPerl application component is tested to ensure proper implementation, using automatic continuous integration services whenever possible. For example, the RPerl compiler itself automatically runs over 4,000 tests for every new code change, thereby ensuring new features work as intended without breaking existing features.

Contract our custom software development team and receive the following benefits:

  • Ultra-High-Speed Serial Runtime Performance
  • Automatic Parallel Runtime Performance
  • Strong Intellectual Property Protection
  • You Retain Copyright Ownership
  • Direct Access To The Creators Of RPerl

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