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Optimize. Auto-Parallelize. Protect Your IP.

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RPerl is the compiler for the Perl computer programming language. Normally, software written using the Perl language is executed by means of an interpreter, not a compiler. This results in relatively slow execution speed and no protection of your intellectual property.

RPerl replaces the old Perl interpreter with a new compiler, which is written from scratch and designed to be backward-compatible with the internal data structures of the existing interpreter. This results in extremely fast execution speed and full protection of your intellectual property.

RPerl works by converting your Perl input code into C++ output code, then subcompiling the C++ code into binary form. RPerl is a true compiler because it generates binary executables and libraries; for example, in a Microsoft operating system RPerl creates EXE and DLL files as output. Other so-called "Perl compilers" are either not actually compilers at all (and simply produce a glorified ZIP archive), or are incapable of providing runtime performance optimization (so your code is still interpreted and runs slowly).

Normal Perl and other programming languages operate in serial, whereby one operation is executed before the next, and so forth until the program is finished running. RPerl also provides automatic parallelization of Perl source code, whereby multiple operations may be executed simultaneously, which provides an even greater runtime performance boost on top of RPerl's already-ultra-fast serial performance.

RPerl currently supports low-magic Perl source code, which means you must utilize Perl Best Practices and avoid highly dynamic (slow speed) operations. Support for medium-magic and high-magic Perl source code is currently under development, with release tentatively scheduled for summer 2017.

RPerl is tied with C & C++ & Fortran for the title of fastest serial runtime.
With the addition of automatic parallelization...
RPerl is the fastest compiler on Earth.

RPerl provides numerous benefits, including:

  • Serial Runtime Performance Optimization
  • Automatic Parallelization, Parallel Runtime Performance Optimization
  • Industrial-Strength Protection of Intellectual Property
  • Real Data Types
  • Backward Compatibility With Perl Interpreter

Products :: RPerl Compiler :: Documentation & Training & Support

Learn. Advance. Solve.

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The official RPerl manual is the textbook Learning RPerl.
An exhaustive list of all RPerl command-line options is available on MetaCPAN.
Additional information resources may be found on the official RPerl website.

Auto-Parallel Technologies offers RPerl training courses for continuing education and professional certification.

Auto-Parallel Technologies offers a variety of RPerl technical support options, with a solution for every need and every budget.

Products :: RPerl Compiler :: Home Edition

Hobby. DIY. Personal.

Home Edition

The Home Edition of RPerl is for non-commercial personal use.

This edition is available to hobbyists, home projects, or evaluation of RPerl for future commercial use.

License TypePriceSupport Plan
Individual$100 Per SeatBronze, 6 Months
Household$500 Per Head-Of-HouseholdBronze, 6 Months
Family-Wide$1,250 Per Last NameSilver, 12 Months

Products :: RPerl Compiler :: Commercial Edition

Work. Build. Profit.

Commercial Edition

The Commercial Edition of RPerl is for commercial or for-profit use of any kind.

This edition is available to companies of any size, and any individual or legal entity engaged in a profit-seeking venture.

License TypePriceSupport Plan
Sole Proprietor$500 Per SeatSilver, 6 Months
Startup (2 - 5 Members)$1,500 Per EntitySilver, 6 Months
Mom & Pop (6 - 10 Members)$3,000 Per EntitySilver, 12 Months
Boutique (11 - 20 Members)$10,000 Per EntitySilver, 12 Months
Company (21 - 50 Members)$23,500 Per EntityGold, 12 Months
Corporate (51 - 100 Members)$50,000 Per EntityPlatinum, 18 Months
Site (100 - 250 Members)$150,000 Per SiteDiamond, 18 Months
Enterprise-WidePlease Contact UsDiamond

Products :: RPerl Compiler :: Education Edition

Learn. Teach. Grow.

Education Edition

The Education Edition of RPerl is for schools of any kind.

This edition is available to students, teachers, high schools, colleges, universities, technical institutes, faculty members, and staff engaged in educational activities.

License TypePriceSupport Plan
Homeschool Co-Op$35 Per SeatBronze, 9 Months
Homeschool Family$40 Per SeatBronze, 9 Months
Public School$45 Per SeatSilver, 9 Months
Charter School$50 Per SeatSilver, 9 Months
Community College$100 Per SeatGold, 12 Months
Technical Institute$150 Per SeatGold, 12 Months
Private Academy$250 Per SeatGold, 12 Months
Private College$350 Per SeatGold, 12 Months
Public University$450 Per SeatPlatinum, 12 Months
Private University$750 Per SeatDiamond, 12 Months

Products :: RPerl Compiler :: Non-Profit Edition

Save Time. Save Money. Save The World.

Non-Profit Edition

The Non-Profit Edition of RPerl is for non-commercial or not-for-profit use of any kind.

This edition is available to 501(c) or equivalent non-profit organizations of any size.

License TypePriceSupport Plan
Lone Ranger$100 Per SeatSilver, 6 Months
Underdog (2 - 20 Employees)$150 Per SeatSilver, 6 Months
Sliding Scale (>20 Employees)2.0% Gross Annual IncomeGold, 12 Months
Foundation (21 - 100 Employees)$250 Per SeatGold, 12 Months
Movement (100 - 250 Employees)$400 Per SeatPlatinum, 12 Months
Organization-WidePlease Contact UsDiamond

Products :: RPerl Compiler :: Government Edition

Law. Order. Social Progress.

Government Edition

The Government Edition of RPerl is for official non-military governmental use of any kind.

This edition is available to local, state, or federal government agencies, libraries, or publicly-funded organizations of any size.

License TypePriceSupport Plan
Uncle Sam$200 Per SeatSilver, 6 Months
Local (2 - 20 Employees)$250 Per SeatSilver, 6 Months
Sliding Scale (>20 Employees)3.0% Gross Annual IncomeGold, 12 Months
State (21 - 100 Employees)$350 Per SeatGold, 12 Months
Federal (100 - 250 Employees)$600 Per SeatPlatinum, 12 Months
Government-WidePlease Contact UsDiamond

Products :: RPerl Compiler :: Free Edition

Libre. Gratis. Freedom.

Free Edition

The Free Edition of RPerl is for any individual or organization capable of providing their own service and support.

This edition is both "free as in beer" and "free as in speech", and is available 100% free-of-charge to anyone who does not qualify for one of the other RPerl editions listed above.

RPerl always has been and always will be Free & Open Source Software (FOSS).

License TypePriceSupport Plan
FOSS Developer$0 Per SeatCommunity-Based Cooperation & Collaboration