Services :: Perl Staffing

Full Time. Part Time. Any Time.

Perl Staffing

In search of world-class Perl talent, or just need somebody to write a quick Perl script?
Look no further!
We are the premier Perl staffing & recruiting agency, and are prepared to provide as many Perl programmers as your company will ever require.

All Perl developers are thoroughly vetted, and must meet our strictest and most demanding standards:

Services :: Perl Development

Perl v7.0 & Beyond.

Perl Development

Most of the original Internet was built using Perl code, much of which is still running on long-standing corporate servers.

Does your organization have an existing Perl codebase, with nobody to maintain or update it?

Let our Perl development team take care of your code, and rest easy knowing we always:

  • Follow Perl Best Practices & Modern Perl Techniques Whenever Possible
  • Use Test-Driven Development & Continuous Integration
  • Comment & Document Code Where Appropriate

Services :: RPerl Training

Learn. Certify. Advance.

RPerl Training

Professional certification and continuing education credits are available through RPerl training classes.

RPerl training is offered at all proficiency levels, from beginner to expert. Start a new Perl career, or boost your existing skills.

Courses can be tailored to your needs, and may include:

  • Individual & Group Sessions
  • Special Curriculum, Exercises, Textbooks
  • Official RPerl Certification

Services :: Custom RPerl Apps

Your App. Your Way. Your IP.

Custom RPerl Apps

We will develop RPerl application software according to your specifications.

Your new RPerl app will benefit from all the features of the new RPerl compiler.

Our application development service offers numerous benefits, including:

  • Your Requirements, Your Design
  • You Own The Software Copyright
  • Ultra-High-Speed & Auto-Parallelization & IP Protection

Services :: Linux Consulting

Stable. Secure. Solid.

Linux Consulting

Linux is the operating system used for Internet servers, mission-critical systems, and even normal desktop computers.

If your organization isn't already using Linux, then it's time for an upgrade.

Consulting services cover all areas of deployment:

  • Linux OS & Apps
  • Linux-Compatible Hardware
  • Linux Networking

Services :: Cloud Setup & Installation

Data Cloud. Compute Cloud. Any Cloud.

Cloud Setup & Installation

Cloud computing is the next evolutionary phase of the Internet, where virtually unlimited data storage and supercomputing power can be harnessed by anyone.

Is your company late to move to the Cloud, or do you need to upgrade your current Cloud solution?

Our Cloud experts can guide you through the often-confusing processes and decisions:

  • Amazon AWS vs Other Cloud Providers
  • Virtual Machine Provisioning & Imaging
  • Migrating Your Software To The Cloud

Services :: Parallel Computing

Multi-Core. Clusters. Supercomputers.

Parallel Computing

All new computing hardware is now parallel, while existing serial software struggles to catch up.

We will upgrade your serial software for use on multi-core desktop CPUs, and we will help you build your own cluster or choose the supercomputer which is right for you.

Our professional services meet all your parallel computing needs, including:

  • Automatic Parallelization Of Application Software
  • Parallel Hardware Pricing & Purchasing
  • Upgrading Manually-Parallelized Code