Products :: :: Overview

100% Code. 100% Cloud. 100% Free. is a custom-built cloud computing platform, pre-loaded with the RPerl compiler and RPerl apps.

RPerl users and developers may utilize the platform to collaboratively create new RPerl apps, and to actually run their RPerl apps on high-speed cloud computing resources.

There are no fees associated with utilizing to create new RPerl apps or to run RPerl apps on the cloud. The platform is provided by Auto-Parallel Technologies as a courtesy to our valued RPerl users, and is available 100% free-of-charge to the general public.

The platform will always be loaded with the latest stable version of RPerl and RPerl apps, so is the obvious choice for keeping up-to-date with the newest RPerl software enhancements and upgrades.

Because operates within your web browser, it provides a quick and easy way for anyone to get started using RPerl, without requiring RPerl to actually be downloaded or installed on your computer. is and shall forever remain...
The least expensive cloud platform on Earth.

Features of the platform include:

  • 100% Free-Of-Charge
  • High-Speed Parallel Computing Resources
  • Custom Web-Based User Interface
  • Secure & Stable Linux Operating System
  • Powered By RPerl

Products :: :: Community

Developers. Beta Testers. Users. Community

The platform is driven by its community of loyal and hard-working RPerl enthusiasts.

Anyone with a free GitHub user account may gain authorization to log into, and immediately begin utilizing RPerl on the freely-available high-performance cloud computing resources.

The various components of and GitHub are complementary, and a combination of these components are utilized to provide a superior community experience on the most advanced web-based software development platform available.

Community members include:

  • Programmers & Developers & Software Engineers
  • Designers
  • Beta Testers
  • Debugging & Quality Assurance Specialists
  • Scientists & Engineers
  • Early Adopters
  • Normal Users

Products :: :: Live Apps

Remote. Reactive. Real-Time. Live Apps

Users of the platform may choose to run their RPerl applications directly on the cloud.

RPerl apps are executed live and in real time, so users may see output immediately upon being generated, and may provide interactive input in the same way as an RPerl app executing on their own computer.

Live apps provide an easy way for remote execution to supplement or even fully replace local execution.

Live apps features include:

  • Asynchronous JavaScript (AJAX) Communications
  • Terminal Emulation
  • Text-Based Command-Line Shell
  • Remote App Execution On Cloud Resources
  • No Impact On Local Processor (CPU) Or Memory (RAM)

Products :: :: Integrated Development Environment

Code. Debug. IDE. IDE

Software developers may utilize the integrated development environment (IDE) which is built directly into the platform.

New RPerl apps may be created, and existing RPerl apps may be modified or debugged.

The IDE user interface is designed to be simple, yet powerful, with a number of customizable features and user-configurable options.

IDE features include:

  • File Explorer
  • Syntax Highlighting & Color Themes
  • Tab-Based Editor
  • Vi & Emacs & Normal Keybindings
  • Full-Window & Full-Screen Visibility
  • Editor Settings Menu
  • Syntax Checker For Debugging