Products :: Mark 5 STEM Tricorder :: Overview

Sense. Compute. Record.

Mark 5 STEM Tricorder

As featured in the hit Star Trek (tm) series, our real-life Mark 5 Tricorder is packed full of high-tech sensors to aid you in exploring inhospitable planets, detecting alien life-forms, and undertaking your latest scientific endeavors.

The Mark 5 Tricorder is designed specifically for activities related to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), although it can also be utilized in virtually any situation - the only limit is your imagination!

The name Tricorder is a contraction of "triple-function recorder", in reference to the device's three primary functions: sense, compute, and record. Please see Wikipedia for more information.

Our Tricorder is the product of years of research and development by Dr. Peter Jansen of the University of Arizona, with customized updates made by the Auto-Parallel Technologies development team. A history of the Tricorder development process may be found on the old Tricorder Project website, as well as Dr. Jansen's website.

Features of the Mark 5 STEM Tricorder include:

  • Open Source Hardware & Software
  • Arduino Compatible
  • 10 Independent Sensors, Including Spectrometer, Radiation, Gas, Magnetic, etc.
  • WiFi Networking & Data Cloud Enabled
  • RPerl Compatible

Products :: Mark 5 STEM Tricorder :: Space Scouts & Starfleet

Baden-Powell. Be Prepared. Boldly Proceed.

USSS1701 Enterprise, Space Scouts

Development of the Mark 5 Tricorder is driven by the world's first official Space Scout unit, chartered through a joint venture between the Boy Scouts of America and Auto-Parallel Technologies, Inc.

United Space Scout Ship 1701 Enterprise is a specialized Space Explorer Post which implements the new Space Scouting program. USSS 1701 Enterprise is the 17th known Space Explorer, Aerospace Explorer, or NASA Explorer Post, carrying on a proud tradition which stretches back to the first days of manned space flight. The new Space Scouting program has its own unique uniforms, ranks, traditions, ideals, and goals, including a special partnership with its sister organization, the Starfleet adult training and advancement service.

When the Mark 5 Tricorder reaches mass production, all Space Scout and Starfleet personnel will be issued their own Tricorder upon successfully joining an official unit. Along with the authorized uniforms and insignia, the Tricorder is one of the most recognizable and critically important components of any Space Scout or Starfleet personal field equipment kit.

Space Scout and Starfleet uses of the Mark 5 STEM Tricorder include:

  • Materials Analysis
  • High-Tech Scavenger Hunts
  • Unexpected Environmental Changes
  • Specialized Geocaching
  • STEM Education & Training

Products :: Mark 6 STEM Tricorder :: Overview

Sense More. Compute More. Record More.

Mark 6 STEM Tricorder, Artist's Concept

The Mark 6 STEM Tricorder is a major upgrade and redesign to the Mark 5 model.

New features of the Mark 6 STEM Tricorder include:

  • Multiple Additional Sensors
  • Upgraded Control Software
  • Integration With Genius Phone For Display & User Interface
  • Customizable Sensor Packages
  • Specialty Apps Including Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Hydraulic Engineering, etc.
  • Greater Data & Networking Capacity
  • Parallel Computing Hardware