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Linux Consulting

Auto-Parallel Technologies offers consulting and system administration services for computers running the Linux operating system.
Do you have an existing Linux server, or do you need a new Linux system, but you don't have an in-house system administrator?
We can help!

APTech will provide you with full-service system administration, on any version and any distribution of the Linux operating system.
We support Linux on any hardware platform, including desktop computers, servers, embedded devices, high-performance computers, virtual machines, and the Cloud.

All Linux consulting services are billed as hourly-rate contracts.
The cost for Ubuntu-based systems is $90 per system administrator hour.
The cost for Debian-based systems is $100 per system administrator hour.
The cost for other Linux systems is $120 per system administrator hour.

Hire our Linux system administrators and receive the following benefits:

  • Secure Data & Networking, No Viruses
  • Rock-Solid Stability, No Blue Screen Of Death
  • On-Site Or Remote Access By APTech Staff
  • You Retain Final Administrator Control
  • Direct Collaboration With APTech Technicians

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