Support :: Forums

Join. Engage. Be The Community.

Web Forums

Our web forums are the place for general discussions about all our products and services.

The forums are the official community planning and support platform for technical issues, as well as non-technical topics.

The web forums are best for the following needs:

  • Non-Critical Technical Issues
  • Connecting & Networking With Other Community Members
  • Free Community-Based Support

Support :: IRC Live Chat

Live Connection. Live Humans. Live Help.

IRC Live Chat

Internet Relay Chat has long been the standard for holding real-time text conversations.

In the chat rooms, you will find our technical staff and community members alike, ready to help whenever possible.

The IRC live chat is commonly utilized for:

  • Highly Technical Issues & Software Debugging
  • Late-Night Meetings
  • Fast-Paced Discussions

Support :: Trouble Tickets

Open Ticket. Close Ticket. Problem Solved.

Trouble Tickets

When you have an issue which can not be readily solved with the community's help, then you may open a trouble ticket.

Every ticket will be reviewed by one of our highly-trained staff members, and will remain open until your problem is solved.

Trouble tickets are well-suited for the following situations:

  • Unresolved Issues From Forums & Chat
  • Official Customer Support
  • Official Technical Support

Support :: GitHub Bug Tracker

Find Bug. Squash Bug. Repeat.

GitHub Bug Tracker

If you are a software developer or technician, then you may rarely find a bug in one of our products.

Upon locating a bug or glitch which never been formally reported, please do so by filing a bug report via GitHub issues.

A GitHub bug report should be filed when:

  • Community & Staff Have Confirmed The Bug Is Real
  • The Bug Can Be Reproduced
  • All Pertinent Technical Info Has Been Collected

Support :: Call Live Agent

Real People. Real Issues. Real Solutions.

Call Live Agent

Sometimes you just want to talk to a real, live human being.

When your need is the greatest, our team of experts is here for you.

Call us for live telephone support when you want the following:

  • Guaranteed Immediate Response
  • Highest Priority Service
  • Direct Access To Authorized Staff & Personnel