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RPerl Apps

RPerl apps are simply applications (AKA programs) compiled using the RPerl compiler.
Our apps can be executed on supercomputers, desktops, laptops, and even mobile devices through the platform.

Normal Perl apps use the Perl interpreter, and execute in serial, so they are relatively slow.
RPerl apps are compiled, and can also be executed in parallel, so they are extremely fast.

Existing RPerl apps are focused on science and math, as well as showcasing the RPerl compiler itself.
Each app is written using low-magic Perl source code, as supported by the current version of RPerl.

Using the compiler, each RPerl app is converted from Perl input code into C++ output code, and finally subcompiled into an ultra-fast binary executable or shared library.

After being compiled using RPerl...
RPerl apps are the fastest apps on Earth.

RPerl apps inherit all the benefits of the RPerl compiler:

  • Serial Runtime Performance Optimization
  • Automatic Parallelization, Parallel Runtime Performance Optimization
  • Industrial-Strength Protection of Intellectual Property
  • Real Data Types
  • Backward Compatibility With Perl Interpreter