Products :: Genius Phone :: Overview

Real OS. Real Compiler. Real Genius.

Genius Phone

Android or iPhone.
Google or Apple.
One proprietary platform to control your smartphone, or a different proprietary platform to control your smartphone.

Why can't there be another option?
An open source option?
A smarter option?

The Genius Phone...
Smarter than a smartphone.

Features of the Genius Phone include:

  • Secure & Stable
  • Compatible With Existing Android & iPhone Apps
  • Open Source Hardware & Software
  • Ubuntu Linux Enabled
  • Enabled
  • RPerl Enabled
  • High-Performance Parallel Computer Processor

Products :: Genius Phone :: Tricorder Integration

Link. Integrate. Enhance.

Tricorder Integration

The Genius Phone will serve as the visual display for the Mark 6 STEM Tricorder, and will provide all user interface functionality for the Tricorder.

The Genius Phone and Mark 6 Tricorder are specifically designed to complement one another, and will fully integrate across all possible subcomponents.

Integration features include:

  • Display Sharing
  • Touch-Screen User Interface Sharing
  • Data Storage Sharing
  • Parallel Computer Processor Sharing
  • Tricorder Specialty Apps Run On Genius Phone
  • WiFi & Bluetooth Wireless Connectivity
  • Independent Power Sources