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RPerl v7.0 Released, Happy Independence Day!


RPerl v7.0, Codename 'Nova'

RPerl v7.0, codename 'Nova', is now available on CPAN.
Nova begins our multi-phase upgrade to enable arrays and hashes by value. This initial phase enables dynamic dispatch for calling subroutines which accept array arguments.

Perl v7.0 Announced


Perl v7.0

Perl v7.0, was officially announced during TPCiC (The Perl Conference in the Cloud).
Perl 7 will include all the latest features of Perl 5.32, and more!

RPerl v5.0 Released, Happy Independence Day!


RPerl v5.0, Codename 'Skylab'

RPerl v5.0, codename 'Skylab', is now available on CPAN.
Skylab introduces support for quick installation via Docker, now available at Docker Hub!
See the Get RPerl page for Docker installation commands.

CloudForFree v1.4 Released, Happy Halloween!


CloudForFree v1.4, Codename 'Stratus'

CloudForFree v1.4, codename 'Stratus', is now available at
Stratus includes the ability to save your source code files and execute them using the RPerl v4.0 compiler.
Welcome to the Cloud, it's all yours!

RPerl v4.0 Released, Happy Independence Day!


RPerl v4.0, Codename 'Enterprise'

RPerl v4.0, codename 'Enterprise', is now available on CPAN.
Enterprise delivers a number of new features, including long-awaited support for automatic installation via pre-compiled OS-specific packages, now available at! See the Get RPerl page for installation commands.

RPerl v3.6 Released, Happy New Year!


RPerl v3.6, Codename 'Sirius'

RPerl v3.6, codename 'Sirius', is now available on CPAN. Sirius introduces RPerl to the world of databases with ultra-high-speed native C++ support for the MongoDB document-oriented database platform. Also, happy 5th birthday to RPerl!

RPerl v3.4 Released, Happy Thanksgiving!


RPerl v3.4, Codename 'Orion'

RPerl v3.4, codename 'Orion', is now available on CPAN. Orion takes the first baby steps toward Moo & Moose support by introducing the ability to initilize the values of an object's properties as part of the constructor call, which is a common Moo(se) feature with wide-spread usage!

RPerl v3.2 Released, Happy Halloween!


RPerl v3.2, Codename 'Pleiades'

RPerl v3.2, codename 'Pleiades', is now available on CPAN. Pleiades includes the long-awaited support for normal subroutine headers, as well as enhanced regular expressions, the GNU Scientific Library, and much more!

RPerl v3.0 Released, Happy Independence Day!


RPerl v3.0, Codename 'Mercury'

RPerl v3.0, codename 'Mercury', is now available on CPAN. As promised, Mercury now includes support for medium-magic regular expressions.

RPerl v2.8 Released, Happy Captain Picard Day!


RPerl v2.8, Codename 'Copernicus'

RPerl v2.8, codename 'Copernicus', is now available on CPAN. Copernicus now includes support for Perl v5.25, Perl v5.26, and Perl v5.27.

RPerl v2.6 Released, Happy Easter!


RPerl v2.6, Codename 'Pisces'

RPerl v2.6, codename 'Pisces', is now available on CPAN. Pisces includes even better compatibility with C++ OO class property inheritance, multiple bug fixes, and initial preparations for adding medium-magic Perl support to future versions of RPerl.

RPerl v2.45 Released, Happy Saint Valentine's Day!


RPerl v2.45, Codename 'Perseus'

RPerl v2.45, codename 'Perseus', is now available on CPAN. Perseus includes multiple bug fixes and compile-time performance optimizations, as well as functionality upgrades such as support for subroutines inside programs, automatic compiled execution, and greater compatibility with C++ OO class property inheritance.